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It's mostly about her now 


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Before the year ends, I'd like to introduce you to my Madelief, my daughter, my 2015. A year to never forget. Only a couple of posts ago I wrote:

''I'm exited for this last year in my twenties, though thirty seems like a far away and somewhat scary age (even though it's just a number) I'm always surprised with how much one can grow in a year. That's what I look forward to, growing, in every way possible. Not to get older, but newer. To discover new paths, and perhaps to even find a calling if the timing is right.''

Little did I know that at that moment her life began in me, that I would grow a belly, a daughter, a calling...

Best wishes for 2016!

New Lamp


I really love felt! For a while I wanted to change the lamp above the table, I thought about learning how to felt myself, but lacked patience. I had a clear image of how I wanted the lamp to look but couldn't seem to find something similar. By coincidence I found Dorrie from Wolenzoo and decided to ask if she was willing to make my dream lamp. She was and I'm very happy with how it turned out. It might look like a little ghost in the photos, but when it's dark it's a true spectacle. Thanks again Dorrie!

She blooms

she blooms friends not fur / Liekeland pilea DSC_7039

I was pleasantly surprised when the Sansevieria started blooming, I had never seen it before. It's almost two years ago when I brought her home from the plant swap at Pots and Paper when I was just beginning my plant obsession. The Scindapsus is new to the family, and my two year old Pilea is completely doing his own thing.

Yesterday I saw the biggest fur collar I had ever seen, it made me sad. The lady hiding behind her dead raccoon dog collar was walking her pet dog. Why love one... why wear the other...
I can't understand. I simply can't.

I'm thankful there are organisations and individuals that recognize this animal abuse, we are growing and won't stop loving every single animal on earth until everyone does and forever.

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