September has come and gone, I think time might be going a bit too fast! Some things I liked last month: Finding new cute plants, fitting new cute pants, discovering our home in Flair magazine while at the grocery store (I didn't know when the article would come out), visiting the Snor Festival and greeting/meeting all the lovely people there (and buying stuff, instant happiness), beautiful mailbox presents like the garland in the last photo from Ruth Hengeveld, the beginning of Autumn, nature's presents and the mild weather, watching and reading my new addiction Outlander (swoon), getting an organic fruit and vegetable subscription, discovering new recipes and making little improvements in our ever changing home. Hello October!

Couch Magazine

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In June I received this lovely magazine in our mailbox. Couch Magazine, and our humble abode was in it! Complete with interview, a little ground plan, styling rules and a page about how to 'copy' my style, so cool ;)! Here are some wonderful lines from the article:

'Not much room? Look at this! Nikki shares her space with her fiancee, three cats, a canary and a good amount of bric-a-brac.'

'Playful: a big heart for odds and ends.'

'My style is inspired by fairy tales and nature. I love it when a piece of furniture or accessory is so silly that no one dares to look at it.'

'I love to combine opposites: rough furniture with dainty china, dark earthy colors with sweet pastels. Everything is allowed as long as you love it!'

Meanwhile many things have changed in our home and I'm collecting color samples for a new project!

Color Implosion film

The vacation seemed like a wonderful time to try out this film I bought at Lomography. Today I picked up the scans and was eager for the results. I must admit I'm not smitten by the color implosion, it's a bit too green for me and I was hoping for more soft brown tints. I think the weather influences the colors though. I do love the grain, really love! I have a pretty big pile of expired film waiting for me, but lately I've also liked the comfort and control of new film. What is your favorite type of film (if you shoot analog)?

July | August


Today is our last day of vacation, Joris is going back to work tomorrow. We don't really mind, we like it when our life falls back in our regular rhythm. We did have such a wonderful couple of weeks, it's so nice to completely focus on each other and going on little trips together. Below is a little movie of a recent trip to Woudrichem where I visited the lovely store 'Oude Liefde'.

I really loved making a compilation and using the beautiful voice of Laura Veirs in the background...

Scotland | Film 3

<3 Dollar, Scotland<3 Dollar, ScotlandDollar, ScotlandHighland Cow hairGolden field in Dollar, ScotlandFallkirk, ScotlandFallkirk, Scotland

On our very last day in Scotland, I decided to get up at 7 a.m. and stroll until I met some highland cows, determined to photograph them. It might have been my favorite part of our vacation, I had a feeling of ultimate freedom and adventure. I wasn't really sure where I was going and I could focus on mindfully connecting with Scotland. I had a basic idea of where I could find the cows, and on my way I was surprised by all kinds of flora and fauna.

A bit of a scary moment was when two dogs came running up to me barking very loud and acting very territorial. I just stood still and tried to ignore them. One of the dogs sniffed me and just as I was about to make contact, sensing some kind of friendliness, they got called away by their owner. My next meeting was with two horses, a most pleasant surprise indeed. I've loved horses ever since I was a child and often miss not having one around on a regular base. I almost couldn't stop connecting with them but knew I still had to walk back as well.

When I finally spotted the two highland cows I was so thrilled! Unfortunately they were not at all impressed by my efforts to get them closer to me. I sat on the fence, called for them, clapped and made any kind of noise I could think of. For a moment I considered just walking up to them, but decided it wasn't safe enough, not knowing them. And so I started walking back, taking a different path and taking in different views, marveling, breathing in fresh air, feeling the little stones crackle under my feet... simply magical.

Until we meet again Scotland.

Scotland | film 2

Tantallon Castle | Bass RockTantallon CastleTantallon Castle | Bass RockWaiting at Tantallon CastleStirlingStirling castleWilliam Wallace monument

My favorites from the second Scotland film. Tantallon castle turned out to be a 5 mile walk, but it was very beautiful and very sunny. We had a view on the Bass Rock, which is populated by a huge amount of gannets (birds) and that's why the rock appears so white. If you google Bass Rock you can see much more beautiful photos and close ups. We also visited the lovely Stirling Castle the day after (travelling to Tantallon Castle occupied most of our day, though we did have a quick peek of Edinburgh in between). The weather was kind of unpredictable, it felt like it changed from sun to rain every half hour, but the showers were short and refreshing.