A little winterboy


In January a little winterboy was born in the arms of two very dear friends. They invited me to witness the days around the birth, and care for their two year old daughter Esmarijn. Today they celebrate him with a party and I can't be there because I have a flu. It breaks my heart, but I am ever so thankful to have been there when I was needed to soften the maternity period.

It was incredible to hold the fragile little boy while he made soft baby noises, instant love. Esmarijn and I sang many songs and I miss her vibrant energy around me.

I got to grow in ways I hadn't experienced before. It wasn't always easy, staying close to myself a midst such a great happening, But those were the moments when I learned the most about where I am in life at this point.

My wish for little winterboy is that he'll be loved and that he gets to grow, inside and outside. I'm looking forward to witnessing more invaluable moments with him, his sister and his parents.


Bibi said…
Prachtige foto's en wat bijzonder dat je erbij was!
Wat een prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt van deze bijzondere tijd!
Such a lovely post. It's so wonderful that you were able to be there for your friends. I hope you're feeling better soon. : )

~ Wendy
Liefgeval said…
Ik vond het inderdaad een bijzondere ervaring!