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In June I received this lovely magazine in our mailbox. Couch Magazine, and our humble abode was in it! Complete with interview, a little ground plan, styling rules and a page about how to 'copy' my style, so cool ;)! Here are some wonderful lines from the article:

'Not much room? Look at this! Nikki shares her space with her fiancee, three cats, a canary and a good amount of bric-a-brac.'

'Playful: a big heart for odds and ends.'

'My style is inspired by fairy tales and nature. I love it when a piece of furniture or accessory is so silly that no one dares to look at it.'

'I love to combine opposites: rough furniture with dainty china, dark earthy colors with sweet pastels. Everything is allowed as long as you love it!'

Meanwhile many things have changed in our home and I'm collecting color samples for a new project!


Jans Schwester said…
There I found you :-)
Liefgeval said…
Aww that is so lovely to hear <3
PCovi said…
How awesome! congratulations :)

I am searching the world for that little deer cookie cutter...can you tell me where to buy it? I know there are many online but not like the shape yours has. thank you!!!
Liefgeval said…
Auntie Bliss, this is my cookie cutter I'm not sure if they ship to the u.s. but one can always ask ;). Maybe you can search the brand 'st├Ądter' as well in hopes of finding one near you?
wideeyedtree said…
That's wonderful! Congratulations!