Christmas is near


I've begun making some Christmas corners at home! Unfortunately I haven't been able to find last years decorations, I'm afraid they've drowned somewhere in the piles of mess in the basement. Luckily my dear Wood & Wool x-mas tree wasn't in the basement :). I improvised with vintage buttons and some home made ornaments. The beautiful little angel doll is made by Rosa from Stellabyrosa. I have more decorating plans, but I take joy in doing a little something every day. As long as it's winter, the Christmas corners will stay to light up our home.

The tree isn't an official christmas tree but an 'Araucaria heterophylla'. I fell in love with the gentle soft pines, and as it is also an indoor plant it can stay forever. I also have last years little christmas tree, which I will plant on earth as soon as we have a garden. It's pretty fun to see the previous years of Christmas decorations in our little home (though 2011 is a little bit of a scary contrast)! 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010