Birthday bunting

Today I turned 29 and it seemed like a fine moment to post a little update again. Life has been a bit slow lately and I must say I like it that way. I spend my days with inner traveling, mindfulness, personal projects, a love for experimental cooking and books. My love, the cats, friends and family by my side.

Last Sunday we had a small celebration in our home with family. We ate cake from Bakkerij Verbeek and Joris and I made pancakes inspired by this recipe from the Green Kitchen Stories. We covered them with goat cheese, apple, walnuts, raw fennel, raw spinach and honey. It took us quite a while but in the end it was delicious and worth it.

I'm exited for this last year in my twenties, though thirty seems like a far away and somewhat scary age (even though it's just a number) I'm always surprised with how much one can grow in a year. That's what I look forward to, growing, in every way possible. Not to get older, but newer. To discover new paths, and perhaps to even find a calling if the timing is right.

Birthday instax


I'm now in my late 40's. 48 to be exact. It's truly just a number. Turning 30 finally made me feel like a grown up. I had a lot of life-changing events happen in my 30's but they were still good. My 40's have been my favorite decade thus far. You have nothing but wonderful things to look forward to!! : )

~ Wendy
Liefgeval said…
Thank you Wendy, sometimes I need to hear that :)! I love the deer photos on your blog <3