Crochet at Elle Aime

I had a very lovely day yesterday. I got to spend it with my friend Rosalyn, I finally met the lovely Lisa at her store Elle Aime ánd I learned the basics of crochet!

Rosalyn gave me the crochet workshop as a present because I took pictures at her wedding and designed her wedding announcement, so sweet! The workshop took place in the Rotabs Stylecenter, where Lisa has her store Elle Aime.

Upon arrival we walked in on this lovely set up, cute yarn, all sorts of sweets and pretty craft books.

Once all the other participants had arrived we started crocheting. I was a little nervous, because in my opinion crocheting was very difficult. Luckily we had good teachers! I learned that once you get the hang of it a little, it isn't so hard at all :)!

I didn't make something in particular yet, but I did learn the basics and I'm now working on crocheting a bow for my hair. I still need a lot of practice but I've already discovered the addiction in it so that'll be alright I guess ;)!

Afterwards we browsed Elle Aime, and it's so great! I felt like a kid in a candy store, wanted to touch everything and of course take some goodies home with me.

I really admire Lisa for her cute style, and she turned out to be a very nice person as well ;)! I forgot to take a picture of her though :(.

Lisa recently collaborated with Made By White, you should really take a look at they're joined work because it's fabulous! View it here and here.

And of course I couldn't help myself... Here's yesterdays score!

♡ Nikki


Oh, wow! You made such great pictures! Thank you so much for this lovely and kind blogpost! I'm glad we finally met and of course I hope we'll see each other again very soon! Thank you (and Rosalyn) for participating. :)

xoxo, Lisa
Anonymous said…
Ik dacht inderdaad al dat jij het was gister! Grappig dat je toch mensen herkent van het bloggen. Ik zat schuin tegen over je.. (met dezelfde kleur bol wol) Ik vond het ook een leuke workshop. Ga zeker naar de Granny's haken als die er is!


KnittedFox said…
What an amazing looking workshop!! Are you going to post pictures of the bow you are crocheting? I would love to see it!

Have a great Monday!
Iris Vank said…
Het ziet er onwijs gezellig uit! Wat een geweldig cadeau!
Kimminita said…
Wat een mooie plekjes allemaal! En dat haken, ik kon het ook nooit. Vloog steeds van die stomme naald af. Tot LittleZ het me in 5 geduldige minuten uitlegde et voila, zi emijn post van eerder deze week met een sjaal/col als eerste project. Die kun jij dus ook maken!
Eefje said…
Wat een gezelligheid! En oh, ben jaloers, wil ook dolgraag leren breien en/of haken. Ben nu zelf aan het priegelen maar het valt me nog niet mee...