Count your blessings

Count you blessings is an initiative from Anki, an admirable woman with a beautiful blog. She and a lot of other lovely people blog weekly about their blessings. Awareness of (small) joyful moments, luck.

Today I'm joining. The timing feels right and I need this awareness not only to enjoy these moments to the fullest while they're happening, but also to look back on when I feel blue. A positive ending of each week.

What made me feel blessed this week:

 Stomping on the floor while yelling 'I am ANGRY!' I wasn't really angry because it was an exercise, still it felt pretty liberating.  My family, my brother moved closer to my home town, seeing him more often makes me feel so happy.  My kitties, even when they do things I don't agree with, I can't help but smile at the same time :).

 Our cozy little home, it's becoming more pretty each week.  Your sweet comments on Thursday's blogpost.  A tea date with my friend Rosalyn.  Waking up early with my love and do nothing else but chat in bed for at least an hour about the future and wonderful things to come.  Sleeping under three blankets.  A fun flea market trip with my mother this afternoon.  Music from Coeur de Pirate.

Here's to the little (and big) things!

♡ Nikki