Pretty Kitties

Remember the newlyweds? They have babies now ;). Yesterday I went for dinner at my friends Lucia and Machiel's home and they just picked up two kittens from the shelter that day. They were sooo cute *swoon*!

A handsome little black guy and a beautiful multicolored lady.

They don't have names yet, I'm very curious at what they are going to come up with!

I had a hard time leaving again, I could have cuddled them all night :).

So photogenic! Gorgeous girl! Being home again my kitties suddenly looked very grown up, but they're still my little ones too. I couldn't be more happy with them. In fact, I don't understand how anyone could live without cats :).

♡ Nikki


  1. Naww...that multicoloured kitty is adorable, i wanted a cat before I got my bunny, but now i think its rabbits for life :)

  2. How cute ;o) I've also a black guy and multi coloured lady for 13 years now (brother & sister). It's if I'm looking at my own pictures from when they were just little ones... how nice ;o)

  3. Eeee they are perfect!!! I'm with you--I don't get people who don't have cats. They're so kooky and delightful to have around. Since we got our second cat, pagoda, I'm not sure how we ever had just one. Two cats are so much better!

  4. Ohh ik ben jaloersss!! Al heb ik twee fantastische beesten hier rondlopen, ze zijn net niet zo knuffelig.