Lucia & Machiel's Wedding

Hi there!
Here are a couple of pictures I made on Lucia's wedding day :)!
It was a beautiful day filled with joy. And they looked
absolutely gorgeous!

This cute couple arrived on Lucia's lovely decorated bike
at our town hall where they were greeted with applause and

The cake we made :)!I'm quite proud!
After two ceremonies, one in the town hall and one in a cute
little church, we (the bridesmaids) went to Machiel and
Lucia's home to sprinkle their bed with rose petals and

We wore bridesmaids buttons :D!
After that we met up with the wedding party again and
had a delicious barbecue on the beach, where we continued
on partying till night.

It really was a lovely day, and of course it got me thinking
a lot about my hopefully somewhere in the future wedding
day ;). Joris and I brainstormed a little, which was
so fun to do! Amazingly enough we agreed on a lot of
things :p.

I wish Lucia and Machiel a very joyful and happy life,
and may there be many more weddings in my sweet
group of friends...


pssst: I downloaded the cute banner on
Amy Morby's lovely blog!


  1. Wat gaaf zeg, heel 'eigen' zo te zien. Ze zien er allebei prachtig uit en het weer was geweldig zo te zien. Mooie foto's ook!

  2. Wat een leuke foto's :)! En die taart ziet er ook geweldig uit :)! Leuke blog heb je zeg, we proberen je te volgen, maar krijgen die balk bovenin niet waarop je kan klikken om volger te worden :(! Dus volgend keertje maar weer proberen.