New Lens

I'm still very happy with my new zoom zoom zoom lens :)!
It helped me take wonderful pictures of the animals at Lucia's
bachelorette party and yesterday I experimented inside with the
macro function on the lens, I like!

I still have to get used to the lack of auto focus though,
Sometimes the images don't come out focused the way I want
them to, but practice makes perfect :).

Our little bird is so adorable. She was a stray and when Joris
told me he wanted to have her I thought he was absolutely
crazy, having cats and all. But as long as she stays in her
cage (sometimes when we have to cut her nails we need to 
take her out of the cage and she doesn't like it one bit!)
all is fine. By now I can't imagine life without this
friendly little birdy squeaking at us!

I bought the lens at Digital Warehouse, a great store and
they also have a lomography section :D! When I reviewed the
lens I won review of the month! They gave me a €100,00 voucher
to spend in the store!!! When I got the news I was jumping 
up and down! I already have my eye on another lens, but I 
have to save up a little bit more first :).

♡ Nikki


  1. your pictures look wonderful with the new lens :)


  2. Great shots of your fur baby and feather baby :)


  3. Schitterende foto's Nikki! Heerlijk hè, zo'n zoomlens? En wat een geluk van de review of the month-prijs! Ik bestel inderdaad wel eens wat voor m'n lomo bij digital warehouse, prima zaak. Liefs!

  4. Man toch waar vind gij die vintage hertjes toch (ik heb al 2 rommelmarktjes gedaan zonder succes !! : ( )

    ps als ge een hertje over hebt ge weet mij te vinden ; )

    kisses from Belgium ! ;)

  5. awesome win!! new lenses are fun!!!! love your little birdy too :)
    xo dana

  6. Enjoy your new lens!! I hope you will capture great photos too ;)

  7. okeee! dankuuu voor de TIP !!
    kben al aant zoeken zene !
    uuh ik weet het niet ik woon in West-Vlaanderen ! (bij de zee ! )


  8. Wauw! Wonderschone foto's! Tis dat ik net jarig ben geweest,.... ik ga hard sparen voor ook zo'n lens! Liefs!