Bachelorette Lucia

Yesterday was my friend Lucia's bachelorette party!
We had such a fun day :)! I made her a 'Bride to Be'
sash from vintage fabrics and made her wear it all day ;).

We went to a cute animal park with a lot of owls and
other kinds of birds. Lucia really likes owls so we arranged
for her to hold some. It was really special, and I even
got to hold one too!

Lucia is holding the African eagle owl, big paws!
 I'm holding a cute little church owl.

After the owl presentation we indoor-picnicked with
presents and yummy homemade food. I made my first ever vegan
blueberry mini pies from the 'Lisette in luilekkerlandcookbook.

I painted my nails yellow for the occasion ;)

After the picnic, we were free to stroll through the park
on our own (and it opened especially for us so we were the
only ones there!).

There were a lot of animals, and they were all so cute!
- Note on the side, I recently bought a new lens for my
Nikon, I normally shoot with a 18-55mm and now I also
have a 70-300mm macro lens. I finally got to test it
and it made me so happy! -

A lazy Capibara :)

Some animals could only be photographed through the fence :(
such a pity when taking pretty pictures! But don't you
just love this tiny fox creature!

I so much loved taking pictures of the meerkat family,
especially the little ones. I have a ton of pictures! 
This little fellow was just relaxing and yawning a bit :).

After seeing so many owl species up close I realized how 
special and pretty I find them...

There were so many more animals and I've taken so many more
pictures, but simply can't show them all. I'll upload more
to my flickr for those interested :).

We ended this most lovely day with a veggie dinner in the
canals of Utrecht.

We were actually supposed to go dancing afterwards as well
but the weather got totally crazy which led us to be soaking
wet from a shower of rain. I'm going to make a wedding cake
for Lucia with friends tomorrow and Friday is the wedding
so I don't know how much I'll be blogging this week.
I'll make it up though ;).

♡ Nikki


  1. Wat een bijzonder feestje Nikki en geweldige foto's heb je gemaakt met je nieuwe lens.
    XXX Mamma

  2. Succes met het maken van de cake.
    Heb je al 'n idee..?!
    Prettige dag voor vrijdag!!!

  3. Pachtige foto's van een leuke dag! Oooh... die luie meerkat is zo'n schatje, hihi!!

    Groetjes, Saskia

  4. Ziet er leuk uit! Ben je ook wel eens in AfiFauna geweest? Misschien ook leuk voor je vriendin? Daar hebben ze ook heel veel vogels en ook uilen, is bij Alphen a/d Rijn.
    Mooie foto's overigens!

  5. Ooow, wat cool! Een uil vasthouden, dat is helemaal te gek. Ze zijn zo mooi en ze kunnen je ook zo doordringend aankijken. Ziet er uit als een hele gezellige dag, leuk om te lezen!

  6. Wat een geweldig feestje hebben jullie gevierd! Jullie zien eruit als een leuk stel bij elkaar!

  7. Looks like a perfect day! Meercats are so cute and those owls are just beautiful. That dinner looks DELICIOUS!

    Katie x

  8. Leuk!
    De nagellak is echt mooi...kan die kleur alleen maar in vel vinden :(

  9. How pretty your blog is!!! It looks like a little story book cover! It looks like you had a lovely day- congratulations to your friend Lucia! x

  10. I've only just been to a zoo also! Wish I could have held some of those owls you guys did though...