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Before the year ends, I'd like to introduce you to my Madelief, my daughter, my 2015. A year to never forget. Only a couple of posts ago I wrote:

''I'm exited for this last year in my twenties, though thirty seems like a far away and somewhat scary age (even though it's just a number) I'm always surprised with how much one can grow in a year. That's what I look forward to, growing, in every way possible. Not to get older, but newer. To discover new paths, and perhaps to even find a calling if the timing is right.''

Little did I know that at that moment her life began in me, that I would grow a belly, a daughter, a calling...

Best wishes for 2016!


  1. Wat een prachtig meisje! Mooie foto's!

  2. Prachtig geschreven, mooie madelief! En dank voor jullie mooie kaartje. Er komt nog iets per post, maar de tijd ontbreekt me even op het moment, hopelijk gauw ;)