She blooms

she blooms friends not fur / Liekeland pilea DSC_7039

I was pleasantly surprised when the Sansevieria started blooming, I had never seen it before. It's almost two years ago when I brought her home from the plant swap at Pots and Paper when I was just beginning my plant obsession. The Scindapsus is new to the family, and my two year old Pilea is completely doing his own thing.

Yesterday I saw the biggest fur collar I had ever seen, it made me sad. The lady hiding behind her dead raccoon dog collar was walking her pet dog. Why love one... why wear the other...
I can't understand. I simply can't.

I'm thankful there are organisations and individuals that recognize this animal abuse, we are growing and won't stop loving every single animal on earth until everyone does and forever.

Tote by Liekeland & Bont voor dieren

A little winterboy


In January a little winterboy was born in the arms of two very dear friends. They invited me to witness the days around the birth, and care for their two year old daughter Esmarijn. Today they celebrate him with a party and I can't be there because I have a flu. It breaks my heart, but I am ever so thankful to have been there when I was needed to soften the maternity period.

It was incredible to hold the fragile little boy while he made soft baby noises, instant love. Esmarijn and I sang many songs and I miss her vibrant energy around me.

I got to grow in ways I hadn't experienced before. It wasn't always easy, staying close to myself a midst such a great happening, But those were the moments when I learned the most about where I am in life at this point.

My wish for little winterboy is that he'll be loved and that he gets to grow, inside and outside. I'm looking forward to witnessing more invaluable moments with him, his sister and his parents.


Birthday bunting

Today I turned 29 and it seemed like a fine moment to post a little update again. Life has been a bit slow lately and I must say I like it that way. I spend my days with inner traveling, mindfulness, personal projects, a love for experimental cooking and books. My love, the cats, friends and family by my side.

Last Sunday we had a small celebration in our home with family. We ate cake from Bakkerij Verbeek and Joris and I made pancakes inspired by this recipe from the Green Kitchen Stories. We covered them with goat cheese, apple, walnuts, raw fennel, raw spinach and honey. It took us quite a while but in the end it was delicious and worth it.

I'm exited for this last year in my twenties, though thirty seems like a far away and somewhat scary age (even though it's just a number) I'm always surprised with how much one can grow in a year. That's what I look forward to, growing, in every way possible. Not to get older, but newer. To discover new paths, and perhaps to even find a calling if the timing is right.

Birthday instax