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Boy do the months fly by or what? I seem to begin all the monthly posts like this. It's December, the last month of the year, how did we get here? November was a beautiful month with warm days still, and beautiful sunsets.

Darker days are now officially here, and a cold wind travels through the Netherlands. The cats have taken almost permanent residence on the heater while softly snoring. I've indulged myself in the warmest winter coat and 'wintervacht' gloves (made from an old wool blanket). Slowly my thoughts have began turning towards Christmas and decorating the house. I'm looking forward to it.

Last weekend I took a little trip on my own, to the beautiful Dutch island 'Vlieland'. I met up with a group of people to practice mindfulness and meditation. Meanwhile the island called for me and I walked among the sea and dunes. I even got to marvel at a seal family that recently had a perfectly white seal baby on land. It was cold and my fingers were frozen, but it was also perfect and a lot, and I miss it. I miss the big wide open and the calm. Especially when I was at home again and our neighbors started their noise pollution again, very disturbing. I want to make December a month of me-time, pampering and cherishing. May I begin the new year fully loaded :).

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