The Desk

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With some more room in my head I feel like blogging again. Unfortunately my keyboard is on strike. Whenever I type an O or an L, strange things happen. My text suddenly gets deleted or I end up writing in a different place then where I started. I learned that if I write very slowly, I can manage to stay where I am with all of my text using the escape and arrow keys. Joris and I tried everything, but we can only explain it by some drops of lemonade that hit my keyboard ages ago. Maybe something got under the keys and with the heat it melted. Although I imagine this isn't very interesting to read, it's a bummer that I can't blog without obstacles. Have you seen the amount of O's and L's already :)?

Well I wanted to write about the desk so I will. I'm sitting behind it right now. Somewhere in February I decided we needed a bigger desk for Joris's (home)work. It needed to be a big bad heavy industrial steel desk. That was how I envisioned it and nothing else would do. After some searching I found one and it was quite a challenge to get it six stairs up to our apartment, luckily we had help! I tried my best to make everything a bit manly, but I can't help my love for combining opposites. The big bad manly desk ended up with some sweet things on it as well. Zilverblauw's poster and Liekeland's illustration for example. I take great joy in seeing Joris working behind it, and the big drawer units have more than enough space for all of his books and papers!

My only wish for the desk now is a computer, so I can say goodbye to my slow laptop with weird keys. We are looking for an affordable mini computer and good secondhand screen, any advice or tip is welcome :)!