Our Wedding {part one}

Our WeddingOur WeddingOur WeddingOur WeddingOur WeddingOur WeddingOur WeddingOur WeddingOur WeddingOur WeddingOur WeddingOur WeddingOur Wedding

On our wedding day I woke up pretty early, a little bit anxious but not as nervous as I thought I would be. Joris was still asleep and I let him, all he had to do was suit up and shape his cute little beard. I on the other hand, had a two hour mane taming session planned. I enjoyed eating a big slice of bread when my mother arrived, she had very lovingly agreed to be my personal slave and picked up Madame the Pompadour from the train station on her way. Madame the Pompadour, whose name is actually Robin and is a great gal, got started on my hair right away. My mom put on some music on the Crossley turntable and we tried to listen intently to each song, because I hadn't picked a song yet for our 'aisle walk'. It was very relaxed, all I was allowed to do was sit still, and so I did... In the background my soon to be husband was waking up and started on his own rituals, I got the feeling he was a bit more nervous than me.

When our photographer Hanke arrived it was almost time for us to dress up and time suddenly started to go much faster. When our friend and driver Aram arrived, I still had to put on my make up and collect everything that needed to come with us. I got a little nervous after all, but once we were in the car and on our way I couldn't stop laughing at Joris, it felt so unreal, it was happening! The weather was gorgeous and the old car had that wonderful bouncy feeling only old cars have. We decided on a spontaneous stop at Joris's parents house on our way to the photo location with Aram and Hanke. When we arrived they were making corsages (because I waited too long with making them and didn't have time left), oh sweet family, they all looked so pretty!

We drove on to Fort Vuren, and started our photo shoot with Hanke. Just like before, a little giggly at first! We didn't have as much time as planned, but Hanke got to work right away and she really knows her job which was very comforting. We were relaxed, chatting, laughing and forgot about anything else!

When I look at these photos, I almost can't believe that a year ago our wedding ideas were so different than what they have become. We talked about marrying on Wednesday morning when it's free, and give a party on another day. I find it funny that during planning, my expectations of our day grew bigger each month. A couple of things were important to us from the start, and we held on to those like guidelines. We wanted our wedding day to be relaxed, no stress and not too many rules. We wanted a low budget wedding, because oh someday, we wish to buy ourselves a little house, and we wanted our wedding to be environmentally friendly. Halfway through the year I managed to switch the location of our ceremony from a sober room to a bit more characteristic one in our old town hall, and from that point on I really went for it :). 

After our photo shoot is was time to drive to the town hall for our ceremony, of which I have many things I'd like to share in a next post... 

{Part Two}

Photography by Hanke Arkenbout 100% film 
Developed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab


  1. Wat een prachtige foto's! Jullie dag klinkt perfect. :)
    De ringdoosjes zijn ook zo mooi.

  2. Congratulation both of you, best of luck and love and happiness. I've recently got married, so I still have pretty vivid memory and it's nice when you read other experiences.
    You were so beautiful, love the outfits a lot. And your hair was perfect!

    Enjoy your day, and marriage of course ;)

  3. O wat ziet het er prachtig uit! En wat is je verhaal herkenbaar :) Bij ons begon het ook met kleine, bescheiden idee├źn die steeds groter werden (en ik heb de trouwdag van mijn leven gehad, dus ik zou het nooit anders gewild hebben)

  4. wat een moooooooiiiiieee jurk!!!!!
    Ben er helemaal verliefd op!
    gefeliciteerd xxx

  5. Prachtig! Wat stralen jullie allebei toch! Mooie foto's :)

  6. Gefeliciteerd!!
    Wat een dag moet het geweest zijn – als de foto's al zo mooi zijn!

  7. Wat een mooie foto's!!! Je haar vind ik echt geweldig en je schoenen...
    Mooi beschreven ook!
    Heel veel geluk samen.
    Liefs, Chrissie

  8. Wat een geweldige foto's zeg! Jullie zien er prachtig uit en ik hou van de stijl. Geweldig.
    En nog gefeliciteerd Natuurlijk!

  9. Ik heb ze nu al een paar keer bekeken jullie trouwfoto's, kan er geen genoeg van krijgen. Prachtig echt!

  10. Zo ontzettend mooi zijn jullie. De foto's zijn prachtig geworden, heel veel liefde saampjes! X