New roommate

No, Joris has not been replaced by a new room mate, I'm still eager to marry him ;)! But we do have one, you might know her as Pippi Longstocking. We met each other on Le Bric a Brac a wondeful second hand vintage market near our home. She now makes me smile everytime I enter the livingroom.

I haven't blogged in a while (again). But this time it feels extra long because I don't remember if I had trouble reading my written words last time. I just put on my glasses and I'm shocked by the clarity, I'm just not ready to admit I really do need my glasses and not just when I feel like wearing my fancy pair.

The blog bug is slowly making a return to my life, and for as long as I blog, the blog bug starts with re-design jitters. So while I should have been planning our wedding, I dove into many templates and their html codes. Finally I settled for this template, but because of my many html adjustments, I'm afraid it's not free of flaws and it takes ages to load (at least on my laptop). And well, being me, I'm just not content at all but I just wanted to write sómething again.

Wedding preparations are going as they should, I can't wait to blog about our invites and about a photo shoot we had with Hanke Arkenbout, which you can also view on her blog and made me so happy! The wedding is getting closer and I'm constantly in doubt about everything I decide(d), but I guess this is part of who I am and I'm sure it will all be fine...


  1. I LOVE it! Great find! I like the blog design. I'm always wanting to change, but not enough time. I like this- I might have to pick your brains for how you did it! Seemed to load fine for me just now.

  2. It's a great print! Love your new blog design.

  3. Pippi. :)
    Beautiful photos of engagement.

  4. Ik ga ook trouwen en ook ik ben onzeker over de dingen die ik wil (of niet wil). Er zijn gewoon zo veel leuke ideeën en mogelijkheden dat ik ze soms ALLEMAAL in de bruiloft wil hebben. Toch moet ik her en der afscheid nemen van liefdes (de photo booth jaagt ons op kosten en dan zijn mensen verplicht iets te doen terwijl het bij ons draait om lekker doen waar je zin in hebt - mogelijk maak ik toch nog mijn eigen versie en huur ik lekker niks in!) maar gelukkig zijn er ook genoeg andere leuke dingen die ik wel lekker mag door laten gaan. Geniet van het proces want het komt en het gaat (we zitten soms een beetje te vitten) maar uiteindelijk is het toch wel heel leuk. En het is ook fijn als je wat van je lijstje hebt afgestreept :)