Hanke ArkenboutHanke ArkenboutHanke ArkenboutHanke ArkenboutHanke Arkenbout

One of the hardest decisions I had to make for our wedding, was choosing a photographer. How on earth could I choose between so many talented and sweet people? And what about our budget, could we afford it at all? Joris wasn't worried, we could just ask a friend, it's not that important, it's too expensive...
Well, excuse me?!

I felt extremely protective about our future wedding photos and knew the importance of choosing someone with a style I love. I even wondered how hard it would be to make our own photos, which is pretty crazy. When something like this keeps my mind occupied, I get very good in pretending like it doesn't exist. At least that's what I told myself at the time, yet the feeling kept pinching me in the butt every time I sat down to relax.

Just when I thought it was too late to ask anyone to photograph our wedding, still indecisive as ever, I crossed paths with Hanke Arkenbout. We worked on an assignment for Oh Marie and I felt very comfortable around her calm and confident presence. We loosely talked about my dilemma and she sort of forbid me to photograph my own wedding ;). My indecisiveness melted away and that evening I sent Hanke a message asking her to photograph our wedding. I'm so happy I did!

A month ago on a beautiful sunny day, Hanke came to visit us with her analog cameras and a big bunch of film. I though it would feel very strange and uncomfortable, cuddling my love in front of the camera, and I was pretty giggly when we started. Soon it began to feel natural and we had a wonderful fun day. I'm so happy Hanke will be at our wedding day in June!


  1. Prachtig...en dan nog veel mooier! Ik weet niet goed hoe ik anders deze bijzonder mooie foto's moet omschrijven. Goede keus!!

  2. Wauw wat een prachtige foto's! Die op de schommel lijkt zo uit een sprookjesboek te komen.

  3. These pictures are STUNNING! I can't wait to see some amazing photographs from your wedding. Congrats on your wedding, by the way! :)

  4. Ze zijn echt heel erg mooi! Goed gekozen :)