Wonderland x640 Painted girls Kitschy poodles Christopher Lamp with new cable lamp and table with Frutsel shoes
January turned out to be a bit of a busy month, a nice kind of busy, but it did prevent me from photographing and blogging. When I picked up my camera this afternoon I actually felt a little stiff, like I've forgotten how to photograph, not good! I need to find more ways to include photographing in daily life, maybe I'll do a 52 project.

Our home and I will be featured in a couple of lovely magazines like Oh Marie Magazine, I'll let you know where and when. I tried to tie loose ends in our interior and I decorated my butt off. I tried out Annie Sloan's chalk paint for the first time on a set of nesting tables and really loved it. When I finished the tables, I felt like everything needed a layer, like the girls heads in the second photo and the deer in the fifth.

I found some wonderful things during thrifting, like the crazy kitsch poodles, aren't they pretty from ugliness? My favorite find is the white lamp, I replaced it's cable and socket and it took me a lot of patience before I succeeded! After succeeding I thought I'd give the lamp above the dinner table a lovely pink cable, I'm quite pleased with this new skill.

Our little bird Christopher had a near death experience when he accidentally slipped from my hands while cleaning his cage. He doesn't fly much so within less then a second Moosje had his paws all around our little one. My mom was visiting so I was able to toss Moos in her arms before gently taking birdy off the floor. Completely in shock, he was laying at the bottom of his cage. I was so afraid he wasn't going to make it, in tears because I felt so guilty. But little Christopher has proven to be such a trooper at his old age, after the shock he slowly came around and by now he's back to his old self, thankfully! Moos is more interested than ever since the accident, sitting in front of his cage, can't help himself from misbehaving every now and then. Still I can't be mad at him, his hunting instinct is just stronger then himself.

I've seriously started planning our wedding, I sort of wish I started sooner. Last year it was 'only' 2013, 2014 felt so far away. By now it's four months away and I've started dreaming scenarios about everything going completely wrong. I never thought I was one to be nervous about my wedding, I always thought hiring a wedding planner was absolutely crazy. I sort of begin to respect this profession now! Luckily most of the important stuff is arranged. Any advise is still welcome though :).

Last week I filled up some empty spots in the webshop, have a peek if you like.

webshop update


  1. Hello there :) I've recently discovered your blog and fell in love. Beautiful photos, inspiring and cozy.
    And you seem like a lovely lady. Have fun with wedding planning, I remember mine with great pleasure, it was very intense and sometimes hard, but in the end, it was lovely and fulfilling.

    Have a nice day ^.^

  2. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de foto's van je huisje! En ik herken de zenuwen voor de bruiloft, ik had het bij mezelf ook niet verwacht. Mijn tip: zorg ervoor dat je het leuk blijft vinden en geniet vooral op de dag zelf!

    1. Dankje Annelies, met elk ding dat ik van mijn lijstje kan strepen, word ik gelukkig iets minder zenuwlappig ;).

  3. wow, die poedels! hilarisch zijn ze :)

  4. Wat heb je een mooi huis! En je haar vind ik ook echt prachtig ;)

  5. Wat een fijne foto's. Heel veel succes met de voorbereidingen van je huwelijk. Het komt vast allemaal goed.

  6. Your house is getting more beautiful each day that passes by :)