mosaic 2013
When 2013 started, I was filled with thankfulness and appreciation for the little things in life. I started filling a jar with notes of tiny happy moments. My favorite moment is when I was standing in our dark home just before going to bed. I remember looking out of the window, everything was covered in a thick layer of snow and the world was only one step away, and all mine. I was proud of my tricky 2012 in which I learned a lot, and had no expectations for what 2013 would bring.

When 2013 continued, I tried to hold on to the simple pleasures in life. I found a love for plants and the color blue. But there were goals to live up to and new accomplishments grew more important than just being happy and living day by day. Impatience arose, 'where is this dream future I envisioned? I want it now!'. I wonder why I'm always so eager to take a leap with untied shoe laces. Though the pit is a very educational place to explore, a steady pace is what I long for. My heart tells me I can do anything I want, when I want. My mind tells me that there are many steps in between my dreams and reaching my goals.

Tomorrow, I want to live in 2014 only. Not in the past, not in the dream future I'm so desperately longing for. It might be wise to take my untied shoes off the accelerator and focus on equally important nearby dreams and goals, like my medication, becoming an aunt and of course our marriage ♡.

I wish you a very happy and mindful 2014 sweet readers!