Thrifted lamp Including the sweetheart Water cans
Sometimes I'm afraid that instagram satisfies my need for sharing, creativity and inspiration so much I'm forgetting all about blogging. Even though I still value blogging a lot and both platforms have much differences, instagram is just so easy and makes me less of a perfectionist when it comes to photographing (though I'm still pretty perfectionistic :p). But I really want to keep doing this so I just have to remind myself now and than that I love my 'heavy' cameras and that I love photographing with them as well!

The past week I did a lot of thrifting and found some very cute items. Like the pink ceramic lamp, something about it made me take the it home. At the same thriftshop I found a cute watering can and now I have three, I hope it won't become a collection but at least they are quite handy! My favorite find is the green telephone, I found it on a flea market in our very own hometown and it works! In the past I found similar ones, but all of them weren't compatible with our, how to call it, input? I love it and it's charming ring ring :).

My love just started his master in physics, combining it with his job he's having quite a rough time and I feel for him a lot. Besides taking care of him as best as I can, I knew he felt a little left out in our home with all my knick-knacks and thifty finds, so I made him a little encouragement corner at the secretary desk. In it are now all of his books and homework, on it his slinky and Galileo thermometer and beside it I hung his bachelor degree ♡.


  1. Die eerste foto is erg mooi, door de rare lichtval

  2. Mooie foto's, en zoals hierboven al geconstateerd is, aparte lichtval inderdaad op de eerste foto :) Mooi!

  3. Makes me want to go out thrifting today!! Beautiful photo's!

  4. Jouw foto's zijn zo mooi Nikki! En wat een drukke tijd voor je vriend, lief dat je hem zo aanmoedigt!

  5. Die gieters zijn goed zeg!! Succes voor je lief. Klinkt zwaar inderdaad!

  6. Your house has such a great light and seems so cozy and feminine!
    I understand that sometimes guys are overwhelmed with so much 'cuteness' ahaha :)
    You are a good girlfriend!

  7. Hoi Nikki!!
    Ik zit zooooo te genieten van al jouw mooie foto's!!!! geweldig jouw blog!!Ik vond het toen ik aan het zoeken was naar granny chic en weet eigenlijk niet meer hoe ik hier terecht kwam maar ben al een uur lekker aan het 'dwalen" super mooie fotos en wat een heeeeeerlijk huis!!!!
    groetjes Dees

    1. Hoi Dees, wat leuk zeg :)! Bedankt voor het compliment, en dwaal gerust verder. Wat heb je trouwens ontzettend schattige hondjes zeg <3