Bird is the wor(l)d

Bye birdy! Cutest little face Last baby bird flew away today
For the first time a bird couple chose our balcony to start a little family, I'd been seeing them fly in and out for a while and one day I woke up to the sound of soft and high squeaks. Immediately all the kitties were banned from the bedroom balcony and I was secretly observing, peeking through the curtains. Sometimes I had to water the plants on the balcony, and whenever one of the parents came back with a little snack they started chirping at me angrily. I was so fascinated by it all, and I still am, especially about how fast the little ones dropped themselves from the birdhouse and landed on the balcony. Hipping and hopping around, getting majorly enthusiastic when food was brought, flapping their little wings about the place. For four days, everybody heard about the birds, I talked birds and birds only, a bird died and I cried, two birdies remained and I build them some look alike trees with loose branches. They practiced a lot on the branches, which looked incredibly cute. The first little one flew away and I figured it wouldn't be long for the second one would find a new home in the real trees, so I grabbed my camera and made the photos above. I'm happy I did, for this little one was gone by nightfall. I instantly missed their enthusiastic chirps, but sometimes I think I still hear them in the trees near our balcony. I wish my grandfather was still alive, he knew everything about birds, but my interest in them came when he was long gone. Though whenever a bird comes to visit us, especially if it's a blackbird, I think of him and smile.


  1. Wat een prachtig verhaaltje :) Hele mooie foto's trok je van het vogeltje. Het zijn intrigerende dieren, niet? Ik kan er naar blijven kijken.

  2. Wow. Truly amazing, and gorgeous photos! <3

  3. Aw. Baby birds are so beautiful. they always look so grumpy :) we had four baby blackbirds in our garden last year, they weren't shy either, used to wait for me out in the back garden.

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  4. beautiful post <3
    my father is also a bird enthusiast and i grew up listening to birds singing everywhere*

  5. Ohh<3
    I found a little birdie under a lantern some years ago und gathered some
    food for him to keep him alive. But he still hadn't feathers and he died.
    I was very sad about the birdie...

  6. Wat een mooie foto's heb je van hem gemaakt! Het zijn zulke intrigerende beestjes, ik kan de hele dag naar ze kijken.

  7. Aandoenlijk hè, zoals ze nog stuntelen in het begin, zonder staartveren, met hier en daar nog een pluk nestpluis in hun verendekje. Ik bracht toevallig afgelopen week een baby-merel naar de opvang die uit zijn nest gevallen was. Zijn broers en zusters hebben het ws niet overleefd..ik blijf het zielig vinden (ookal is dat natuurlijk gewoon de natuur).

  8. How sweet! A baby blue tit! ^_^

  9. it's so so so beautiful here !!!!!
    love your beautiful blog !
    Sylvie From France

    1. Thank you very much Sylvie from France :)! <3

  10. your photos are so so so beautiful,
    A pleasure to come to see your lovely blog,
    have a nice day
    Sylvie from France