Spring, flowers and a new dress

Spring flowers Spring, flowers, dress..
In spite of the weather at this moment {a short comeback of winter} the past week felt like Spring. I wore my spring coat outside and at home I started planting and seeding flowers.

My new dress {from this shop} came in the mail. I saw it, and it instantly reminded me of a sunflower dress I used to wear often as a child. I think it makes a very sunny summer dress, but could also be a very pretty autumn dress. My plan to only buy vintage, handmade or secondhand clothing this year is going very well even though I'm not sure if it saves that much money. I think it would help if I stick to offline shops only, but blimey there are so many beautiful vintage dresses on Etsy! I also never thought about my resolution regarding shoes, now that spring is in the air I'm starting to long for a pretty pair of Swedish Hasbeens, and wouldn't these go brilliantly with my new dress ;)?


  1. Ik vind ze zó leuk, die swedish hasbeens..

    1. Ik zou ze het liefst gaan verzamelen, ze zijn stuk voor stuk geweldig, maar zó duur :(!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful ! And I like the decoration.

  3. Oooooh, die schoenen! ik snap de verleiding!

  4. Your home looks so charming, and what a lovely dress!
    I think spring is coming back to the European continent next week, and I welcome it with open arms.
    Hugs from Paris!

  5. Wat goed dat je alleen vintage en handgemaakte kleding koopt! Dat is ook mijn voornemen. Maar die schoenen zijn toch ook wel erg leuk!

  6. I'm very happy to found your blog <3