New couch and hairy bums

Liefst {sweetest} Books + Dala Moos and Frutsel Moosje
A while ago I bought two new couches to replace our old chunky corner couch. One remained in Drenthe with my mom until we had a proper car to move it to our home, the other remained in our basement until we had enough manpower to drag it 5 stairs upwards. Last week, both couches moved in to our home! I'm so happy and exited! It takes some getting used to, but I do see a major improvement in our living room. It's much more spacial and both couches fit the vintage style I love so much. Pictured is the floral couch, it only took seconds for the kitties to get their hairy bums on it, and so far they all take turns claiming it. The other couch, one I bought for only 7,50 euros (I still have trouble believing it really was this cheap) is not pictured yet because the corner it stands in is not perfect to my liking yet (always the perfectionist)...