A little story about books

About books
I have a couple of friends who have a special relationship with books, and lately I'm beginning to understand them more and more. As I long for a slower life, books seem to fit my current state perfectly. Sure, I love watching a good movie or television show, but there is something so peaceful about reading a book and to let your imagination on the loose. While reading a book you can temporarily step into another world. Some of those worlds might even feel like a second home, and you can take them with you, wherever you go.

I love both new and old books, but old books have something magical. My oldest book is from the 1920's with fairy tales by Danish Carl Ewald, it has hand drawn illustrations that were glued in. Some illustrations got lost, but the ones left can only be described as magical. I chose this book when I was about 8 and visiting a secondhand book store. I remember a strange man teasing me that he was just too late, for he had wanted the book in my hands. I smiled and he said I should be very careful with it, which I have been from that moment on.

The only thing currently keeping me from a true book addiction, is the lack of space. At this point everywhere I look in our home, little stacks of books are forming. On the desk, the dinner table, on the shelves and in our cabinet. In the kitchen are cookbooks and on my nightstand is a pile of 'read these ones first, before you buy a new book'. I have to admit though that I'm a bit picky when it comes to buying a book. I could say that I don't judge a book by it's cover, but in this case I do and sometimes I don't care about the story as much as the beautiful cover and illustrations. This is also the reason I don't care much for e-books {though this is very difficult for me to admit as I am also a bit of a tree-hugger}. I just need to hold and touch a book, and I even like to use them as decoration!

Today 'boekenweek' starts here in the Netherlands, a 9 day long book feast with all kinds of lovely activities, book gifts and incredible authors. This is the first year I'm really looking forward to it! Books are now on top of my give and get list, so if you didn't know what to get me before, or if you were wondering what I will be giving you... now you know.

I'm sure I forgot to mention many more awesome reasons why to love books even more, feel free to tell me in a comment. The last thing I want to say for now is that with my new found collection, a dream started forming as well. I would love it, to participate in making a book. Either to help with the concept, the design, the photography or perhaps even to write a book myself one day. I would truly love it. I'll promise to write an 'about me' first though, as I appear to have enough trouble with just that for now...

Vanaf vandaag tot en met 24 maart krijg je bij alle bovenstaande boeken (of elk ander boek boven de €12,50) het boekenweekgeschenk cadeau. Je kunt natuurlijk ook fijn even gaan neuzen in de plaatselijke boekhandel!


  1. I've been feeling the same way lately! I haven't been much of a reader in the past. . . but with me moving and having a whole different life, I've found it perfect for "now". I've been reading like crazy and loving the peacefulness of it. YAY!!

    Loved this post.

  2. oooh ! Mijn favoriet staat hier niet boven :( , het is LITTLE BLACK SPIDERS ! pracht boek ! x♥
    Marie Lu

  3. Books! I love them. When I moved to Helsinki I couldn't take any books, but I'm so addicted to reading. That's why I finally bought an e-reader. First I thought it was going to be horrible, but I'm used to it now and I love it so much! I can read as much as I want and always, because it fits so easily in my bag and everything.
    I loved the books you choose, I think I would love to have them on my bookshelve, too bad I don't have any. ;)

  4. Oh all these books look absolutely lovely! I think I´d read every single one :) Loving the cover of the birds from africa book! :)

  5. Oh, wat een fijne fijne post! Ik heb hetzelfde probleem: teveel boeken en veel te weinig plaats! Ik lees al sinds ik vijf jaar oud was, en ik ben er nooit mee gestopt. Het gevoel wanneer je wordt meegesleurd in een verhaal is zo onbeschrijflijk, maar toch zo ├ęcht. Of wanneer het boek uit is en je achterblijft met die gapende leegte, da's een gevoel dat elke lezer wel kent denk ik. Goodreads.com is trouwens een hele leuke site om bij te houden welke boeken je al gelezen hebt en welke je nog wil lezen.
    Ik ben grote fan van je blog, fijn fijn fijn!

    1. Bedankt voor de goede tip en je lieve comment!

  6. Wat zien die boeken er heerlijk uit. Ze schreeuwen echt: LEES MIJ! :p

  7. Books are such a good way to lose yourself- there's something very restful about act of picking up a physical copy of a book and then immersing yourself in it's magical world.

    Good choice on Ottolenghi's Plenty, I've been finding it super inspiring in the kitchen and would definitely recommend the green pancakes with lime butter for a weekend brunch!

  8. Ik heb hetzelfde dilemma met e-books! Ze zijn milieuvriendelijker, maar ik heb toch liever een echt boek in handen. My heart wanders staat al tijden op mijn verlanglijstje :)