In our little home

The weather outside is a little unpredictable, but our home is cozy as ever. The flu has left the building and I started catching up for the days spend doing nothing. My target is the basement, I've had a lot of fun thrifting in there.

It's such a lovely feeling to finally get some things I was looking up to done, Spring is in the air and it's like our home is waiting to be clean, empty and renewed. I really hope to show you how wonderful the living room is becoming soon. Tomorrow a new couch {one I thrifted for no more than €7,50! Can you believe it?} is being delivered and after that all is left is some painting and decorating. For now some small photos of my beloved deer prints and these cute magnets from Hellicopter.

♡ Nikki


  1. dear Nikki, thanks to your advise that I got myself a new vintage lens and have been loving even more about photography since then! :) your blog and photos, and art works are always just so empowering and inspiring!! love your blog!! and thank you!! :)

  2. Wat een leuke magneetjes! Gelijk even een kijkje genomen in hun webshop. Ik ben benieuwd naar de woonkamer.

  3. Wow, ik ben echt benieuwd naar die bank! Pff.. 7,50, dat is sowieso een goede deal! Ik heb zelf ook een vintagebank, maar ben er helaas een beetje (erg) allergisch voor:p groetjes Nienke