Count your blessings

I counted many blessings the past few weeks. I received the sweetest gifts through instagram. We celebrated my brother turning 26, now we are both 26 until I turn 27 in a few weeks, quite funny. I finally visited my littlest brothers again, to hug and hold them, see their happy faces, such joy! I'm happy to smell spring in the air, though it's still snowing here, spring is coming, I feel it! I found many awesome bargains while thrifting and I can't stop listening to the brilliant Lotte van Dijck, who not only creates sweet art but also the sweetest music.

Friday my sweet friend Joyce visited with her little baby girl. It's so wonderful to have them here, to have someone who understands you and to see her amazing little girl grow, to get to know and love them.

♡ Nikki

p.s. The card in the top photo is from Hellicopter, the cute cat earrings were a gift from Mouseblossom.


  1. Yes, indeed, spring is coming! I say so all the time as well and everyone looks at me, then at the snow, then back at me like I am totally crazy. But I don't care. I'm a believer :-)