Ode to snow, boots and Joules

Though I've always been a 'rather cold than hot' type of person (which explains my white skin, I'm not a sunbather) I wasn't always keen on snow. I used to prance around in the snow on slippery soles, and my butt and the snow greeted each other nearly every winter. This winter is a whole different story, and I'd like to tell you why!

Back in November, I received an email from a very kind woman representing the British clothing brand Joules. She wondered if I was interested in being sponsored, and not having much experience in this department, I got curious! She offered me a choice of their women's coats, but I already had so many coats (which wouldn't explain why I'm not wearing one in the photo) so I decided to be a bit bold and ask for something I really needed badly. Snow had just started falling and I longed for a sturdy pair of snow boots

A month later my boots came in the mail and I've been hopping around on them ever since. They are everything I hoped for, soles with a big profile, water resistant and the warmest (fake fur) lining. No wonder they already sold out. I'm having so much fun walking around in the snow, and when I look down to my lovely boots I still can't believe I've earned them by doing what I love, what a great feeling that is! 

I hope you'll take a look at Joules's website, It's very colorful and they sell many cute prints on a lot of practical items like umbrella's for example. I also fell completely in love with their wellies!

Thank you Joules for loving my blog and sending me these wonderful boots!

♡ Nikki


  1. Wat goed!!! Ze staan je mooi! :)

  2. Dat is heerlijk en nou niet meer vallen hoor!! Fijne dag, Karin

  3. Oh boffert, lekker warme voetjes nu.

  4. The boots aren't listed on the US website, but they do have adorable clothing and the navy muck boots are awesome, too!