Calendar winner

Last week was wonderful, I'm starting to feel better and better and getting a bit more productive and outdoorsy. I love the snow and walking around in my warm snowshoes, feeding the geese and ducks. I had a visit from my friend Ghislaine (oh and Dutchies, she's having her tv debut at this very moment on Lingo) and we enjoyed delicious vegan brownie. In an impulsive whim I addressed two girls wearing real fur, I started out quite friendly but ended very serious. I hope I was able to bring them some awareness about the animal abuse they were wearing.

I got to spend a day with my friend Joyce and her little baby girl, oh so many baby butterflies are fluttering around in my belly. While thrifting last Saturday I bought two adorable little girl outfits I just couldn't leave behind. When the time comes for us to have little ones, clothes won't be an issue I guess, I have my mind set on ginger twins. I can't wait to see what our future will bring.

Thank you all for participating in the calendar giveaway, your comments were all so sweet I just couldn't pick a winner and had to let decide for me. And the winner is number 19, Nine! Would you email me your address :)?

♡ Nikki


  1. hi nikki !
    it's a long time ago that i visit your blog ! ;-) I'm back ♥ ! wow, that brownie looks delicious , mmmm yummy !


  2. Wooow wat knap van jou dat je zomaar die 2 hebt durven aan te spreken! Ik zou dat niet durven hoor (en ik zou niet weten of het echt bont zou zijn, want ik zie het verschil niet echt :))
    Heerlijk taartje!

  3. Ik slaakte zojuist een gilletje! Wat een blijdschap! Januari was nog nooit zo leuk :) Dankjewel!

    En ook van mij respect voor het aanspreken van de bontdames. Vreselijk vind ik het, al is het volgens mij pure onwetendheid.

    Ik ga je mailen!!