A Seagull

A little gift for myself, a Cocon seagull mobile. I fell in love with her work reading Kim's blog. I chose this little seagull because I have a thing for birds, and seagulls remind me of Scheveningen and the sea, where I grew up. After I removed the Christmas decorations the branch above the dinner table looked a little empty, so she already found the perfect spot to float.

It's cold in the Netherlands. I'm one of those people who'd rather be cold than hot. Today some snow fell, exactly what I'd longed for, I hope it sticks. Last week I really enjoyed thrifting vintage clothes, and sweet (internet) people supportive of my goals. Thanks again Dee, for the wonderful book!

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♡ Nikki


  1. Ik had hem al op instagram voorbij zien komen, wat een fijne mobile! Heel leuk!

  2. beautiful photo! Thank you so much Nikki!

  3. Oh wat is ie leuk! Die wil ik ook (maar ja, ik wil alles wel wat er bij Cocon te koop is)! ;-)