Oh how I love making wishlists. Even if I don't have a single penny to pay for my wishes, a girl can dream. I once received a card from friends that said: 'Wer sagt, dass man Glück nicht kaufen kann, hat keine Ahnung von Shopping!' Which is German for 'Whoever said you can't buy happiness, clearly never heard of shopping!'. I know this is not entirely true, but it does have a point, just looking at my wishlist makes me feel all tingly ;).

1. Fish pillow cover by Windstilte 2. Seagull Mobile by Cocon 3. Personalized camera strap by Harlex 4. Follow your dreams print by Teconlene 5. Bottle Vases by Foekje Fleur 6.Knitted Hat by Majorie Knit 7. Mug 'Girl' by Hellicopter 8. Mug 'Kiko' by Muikdesign 9. Nathalie Lete stickers from Lapin&me 10. Fjällräven backpack.

♡ Nikki


  1. I love the mug (no 8). So pretty!

  2. Oooh wat leuk allemaal, dit zou zo mijn wishlist kunnen zijn - love it -

  3. Wonderful post,dear.^^
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