Kodak Duaflex

I originally bought my Kodak Duaflex camera to experiment with photographing through the viewfinder (photographing the image in the viewfinder with a digital camera), but as I was writing my second guest blog for Flow Magazine about Analogue photography, I sort of got myself enthusiastic as well and wanted to try something new. The Kodak Duaflex originally holds 620 film which is not made anymore, but after some research I found out that you can actually build in standard 35mm film using no more than tape (lots of it) and cardboard.

You are looking at the results now! I wrote in my guest blog that analogue photography doesn't have to be perfect to get surprising results and this is exactly what I meant, the messier the better ;). It was a lovely adventure, having no idea how far to turn the spool for the next frame (resulting in overlapping images) and no way of rewinding the film (I had to turn of all the lights and take the film out under a dark blanket, but it got stuck in the tape and so I accidentally broke the film in two because I couldn't see what I was doing). Luckily our local camera store has a new owner who is a lot more co-operative when it comes to my analogue experiments.

♡ Nikki


  1. Wat superleuk om hiermee te experimenteren. Denk dat ik mijn oude analoge spiegelreflex hoognodig moet afstoffen ;-)