Slowly but steady

Slowly but steady, our little dollhouse of a home is becoming exactly the way I want it to be...

Light and serene, with little splashes of color here and there.

The kitties seem to like it as well, especially the Alvine Spets curtains I hang recently. What would you do if you were a cat, certainly not climb in them right?

I still have a lot of plans for the living room, and after that the bedroom, the kitchen and... oh well, pretty much everything :). Redoing our home is a great side project. Going at a slow pace makes me appreciate the tiny changes every week even more.

♡ Nikki


  1. It looks very pretty. I love the muted colours. I can't believe that the cat climbed the new curtains!! I guess they were too good to resist.


  2. I love redoing our home. Every now and then I just start over, and change the house to fit who we are at that time.

    These pictures of your house look lovely. Light, fresh, fun. Nice!