Paris -3-

For our third and last day in Paris, Joris and I decided to visit the Notre Dame.

We sort of expected to go in, but again the line to the entrance was miles long like the line at the Louvre. Because I wanted to visit many other places on our last day, we slowly walked around it and marveled at the beauty.

All those wonderful tiny details...

And faces..

Some of them very kind and cute :). I still regret not getting in line a little, but we did end up seeing a lot of other nice places that day.

Like the picturesque Rue Mouffetard in one of Paris's oldest neighborhoods, with cute little bars, cafe's and shops.

And a couple of streets in the 6th and 15th arrondissement, where I wanted to visit Mamie Gateaux..

It was a shame we couldn't stay here for long, or discovered it sooner, because there were pretty much zero tourists in this area and a lot of brocante shops.

But we had to hurry back to the apartment to have dinner and after that, visit the last bit of Montmartre we hadn't covered yet :).

I found another 'Mamie' shop, this one filled with clothes, accessories and the biggest pile of vintage shoes I've ever seen!

So much to see!

Unfortunately we had to go back to the apartment sooner than I wanted to pack our suitcase and clean the apartment. We did have a wonderful time though, I won't forget our trip and the amazing and less amazing things we experienced, and most important the fun times we had together discovering a new place...

♡ Nikki


  1. i love love love your blog!! :)
    you have the cutest photography~ absolutely adore the colors and the tones! and you have the cutest dress!!! and amazingly cute blog~~ i wish i know more about computer so i can edit all the html by myself... how do you learn to do all that? :D

    i have a photo blog myself, too... i'd be very happy if you can stop by sometimes... any feedback is greatly appreciated...

    love you blog~ :D and have a wonderful time in Paris!!!

  2. Ohhh these photos are just dreamy!! What a fantastic time! I would love love love to see Paris! To go antiquing would be incredible! Even if just for fabulous French bits for my Art Journals! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    xo Jenny

  3. Wat een prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt in een ontzettend gaaaafe stad!! Ook de foto's van je vorige blogjes. Ik vind Parijs ook heeel mooi en leuk.. en eigenlijk vind ik heel Frankrijk mooi! Als ik de beelden zie van de Tour de France zie ik zoveel mooie beelden! Afijn, zo te lezen en te zien, hebben jullie daar heerlijke dagen gehad! Geniet van jullie foto's! Xx

  4. Heel erg fijne posts! Ik mis Parijs zo erg. Ik ben helemaal niet zo goed in reizen enzo (heimwee, ik vind het thuis veel te leuk haha) maar Parijs moet ik ├ęcht af en toe heen!
    En de Notre Dame is heel fijn maar zeker niet mijn lievelings-ding in Parijs, ik vond de Sacre Coeur veel mooier. Daar kan ik echt voor eeuwig blijven.

  5. Wat leuk om jullie trip zo uitgebreid te volgen! Ik krijg er erge heimwee van, snel weer naar Parijs.

  6. Mooie foto's! Vooral de eerste :). De Notre Dame is heel mooi vanbinnen, maar nu niet om te zeggen dat je echt iets gemist hebt hoor!

  7. Such beautiful pictures! I love the one with the deer.

    Such a shame that the queues were so long. Maybe you'll be able to go back another time.