Paris -2-

Day two in Paris. Joris and I took the metro the the first 'arrondissement'. Next to our apartment was a metro station, I actually found out when watching the film Amélie in Paris that the same metro station is in the film :)!

Understandably, I needed to pose there in a fancy dress. Taking the metro in Paris is very ideal, it takes you everywhere you want and the stops are very close to everything you need to see. Also it's cheap! At least compared to the costs of Dutch public transport. They are very cramped and hot though, sometimes Joris and I couldn't even get in some metro's because of the great amount of tourists and frenchies.

La Droguerie was a very neat store filled with everything you need to be a productive crafty girl. From yarn to buttons to ribbon, beads etc. I especially loved all these little jars filled with flowers:

We strolled past another very beautiful store in which I spend a lot of time ah-ing and ooh-ing:

Especially for these ones...

After boring Joris with all my shopping and hoarding behavior we decided to visit the Louvre before going back to the apartment for dinner.

Of course there was a crazy long line to get in so we skipped the Mona Lisa :( but perhaps someday we'll meet her when going back to Paris.

After dinner we had another stroll through Montmartre, I just couldn't get enough of it!

A lot of stores were open till about 8 pm, so I was lucky enough to have a second shopping spree (poor Joris ;)). I found a really awesome vintage shop near 'Abesses', and sooo cheap!

I feel like I tried on every single piece of clothing there, and ended up leaving with several cute vintage dresses and skirts, yay!

Afterwards we went back to the apartment again and prepared for our third (and last) day in Paris. Hold on tight for part three!

♡ Nikki


  1. Wauw, dat klinkt als alweer zo'n perfecte dag. Amelie is fantastisch! Jij bent net zo inspirerend als zij, weet je dat :) Geniet van jullie tripje!

  2. What beautiful photos! It sounds like you had a really great time. Your dress is stunning, by the way!


  3. Trouwens, met wat voor camera zijn deze foto's gemaakt? Als jij analoge foto's maakt, heb je dan een eigen doka of laat je ze ergens afdrukken?

  4. Bedankt voor je lieve reactie Monique :), om je vraag te beantwoorden: Deze foto's zijn gemaakt met mijn Nikon D3000. Ik heb geen eigen doka (was het maar waar) ik laat mijn rolletjes alleen ontwikkelen bij onze plaatselijke fotowinkel (dit kan ook nog bij hema/kruidvat/ah) alleen ontwikkelen is vaak maar 2,50-5,00 euro. Via een negatief scanner scan ik de negatieven over naar de computer :).

  5. OMG lovely photo!
    I love every single place you photographed!!!

    Very cute! :*
    Baci Babysan

  6. Montmartre is indeed a darling place to explore. I've stayed there twice and there's still much more to see! The Abbesses metro was my favorite but I agree that the metro is much too cramped. It's the same way in London and it gets so hot! Your pictures are so bright and cheerful x

  7. O wat een heerlijke foto's! Nog heel veel plezier!

  8. looks like an almost perfect trip. i love seeing all your travel photos. and i love those deer plates? jewelry trees? whatever they are, they are CUTE!

  9. I love Vintage Desir!! I have been there so many times and spent ages trying on everything too! Montmartre is my favourite part of Paris. Love the edits on these photos :)

  10. Your photos are lovely, very dreamy. Takes me back to when I visited Paris not so long ago.x

  11. Lekker even bijgelezen op je blog en wat een heerlijke virtuele toer door Parijs! Nu heb ik meteen weer zin om naar Parijs te gaan... Pff!