Paris -1-

Last week Joris and I went to Paris. June wasn't such great month for me so I was happy (though a little anxious as well) to go on a little trip. I took a lot of photos and selected some of my favorites to share with you :).

We rented a little apartment in Montmartre, the area reminded me so much of the film Amélie! In fact the metro station around the corner of our apartment was featured in the film. The first day in Paris we strolled through Montmartre and ran into many lovely places...

On our way to the Sacré Coeur we came across the most amazing shop, I still regret not spending all my money there (I wanted to save some for the rest of the trip, but this shop really had Nikki written all over it). I did buy a sweet mint green tin to save my Paris keepsakes in.

The beautiful Sacré Coeur.

Can our home be this color please?

Before we went on our trip nearly everybody told me Paris would be crazy touristy. Well, I thought.. We'll see. But they were right, it was nearly impossible to take photos without (other) tourists in it. Though I loved discovering Paris, what I loved more was discovering that next year we would love to go somewhere peaceful and quiet after a trip to this hectic city ;).

After visiting many more cute shops and the Moulin Rouge, we sat down for a delicious organic apple juice in 'Milk' (thanks for the tip Eefje!).

This cute dog sat in the window next to our apartment every day, I wanted to take her home but Joris happened to be against it ;).

That evening we visited the Eiffel tower. We didn't climb it, Joris is a little afraid of heights. I didn't mind because of the crazy people mass and illegal street sellers with shiny miniature Eiffel towers. We went back to our little apartment and prepared for the next day. More photos soon :).

♡ Nikki


  1. Lovely, dreamy photos! Thanks for sharing!

    And oh, that little shop is adorable!

  2. Love your pics, they look really great.. I have to go to Paris some day...

  3. Die nieuwsgierige hond hihi! Mooi!

  4. What beautiful photos!

    It looks wonderful. I can't believe that shop and the pink building is lovely!


  5. Oh heerlijk klinkt het! Fijne foto's heb je gemaakt, Milk is een leuk plekje he! Ik wil ook weer :-)

  6. prachtige foto's!
    Ik krijg echt weer heimwee naar Parijs haha.
    Het is echt zo'n prachtige stad.
    Die winkeltjes zijn ook allemaal zoooooo leuk!

  7. Your photos are beautiful and you're such a cutie.

  8. Mooi! Geeft me zin om ook weer eens naar Parijs te gaan. Zelfs met de drukte blijft het toch een bijzondere stad die iets heeft :)

  9. love your blog!!!! :)
    these photos are so amazing and beautiful!! especially love the tone and the color of it!! :D
    i am following you on bloglovin' and added you on my favorite blog list!! :D

    love your style!! :D wish i can visit Paris someday!

    have a wonderful week!!

  10. Such dreamy photos!

    It's exciting to hear that at least some part of Paris looks like it does in Amélie, so much love for that film!

    What about the language? How much French does one need to know in order to visit Paris?

  11. We didn't speak a lot of French and certainly got away with it ;). I had a little basic words book with me and tried saying things like 'this food was very good' etc. it made them laugh ;).

  12. Lovely photos. I went to Paris last Autumn and loved it. Montmartre was my favourite part. We even did a little Amelie treasure hunt - finding all the locations from the movie :) xx