Lomo Saturday

The last Efteling photos, all from the fairy tale forest. Starting with Hansel and Gretel.

Little thumbling and the sleeping giant, again with a white blur on the side. I really wonder how it happened, maybe it's some sort of light leakage? I kind of like it :)...

Not sure if I'm translating this correct, but this is the Fakir on his flying carpet :). These were the last Efteling shots. I made many more but my praktica has a strange way of not taking every picture, on the film they appear as blank like they were just skipped or something, sometimes two in a row, sometimes 3 in a row. I guess it comes with having a very old camera...

Camera: Praktica MTL3
Film: Hema 400 Iso

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♡ Nikki


  1. So cool! I'm gonna by me some Efteling tickets at AH tomorrow:D


  2. Efteling & Lomo blijft een heerlijke combinatie. En die blanco's: ik ken dat probleem. Snap er zelf ook vrij weinig van..

  3. Love these! I really want to get to Efteling, I've heard it's gorgeous for all ages :)

  4. I never been there , I have to go
    there this summer,looks good

  5. Wow, I love how these turned out :) <3