In May...

Moby found a new love, whenever she's not in the bedroom, she's on this footstool. I bought it in a thriftshop a while ago to match the chair I found outside, along with many more things. Because my arms were so loaded I actually forgot to take the footstool with me after paying. When at home I completely panicked because I wanted it so bad! Luckily when we went back it was still there, something Moby is very thankful for as well :).

My favorite post in May, just in case you missed it, was this one about Ata Kandó and her beautiful book of photographs. I'm cherishing this book for-ever!

Yay for dressing up again! I have at least one more planned for June, but perhaps even more!

Fun times in the Efteling, captured with analogue camera's...

I didn't blog about our little trip to Allardsoog except for a few instagram pics, so here are some more from my Nikon. We went to Allardsoog to see Joris's large family and get in touch with nature. I was hoping to watch birds, instead we watched a lot of caterpillars. They were everywhere! The surroundings and woods in Allardsoog were so beautiful.

Last but not least a selection of my favorite a Deer a Day photos in May. The project is still running, but is getting harder each month. To make it a little more easy for myself (and because it's my project so I'm allowed to change the rules ;)) I sometimes shoot several photos in one day. I'm not ready to give up yet!

Have a wonderful June everyone!

♡ Nikki


  1. aww, pretty kitty! your pictures are always so whimsical! xo

  2. Mooie foto's! hoe krijg je die zachte kleuren?

  3. OMG!!! absolutely love u blog!! it's such an inspiration!! >w<// please check out my photo blog!! any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

  4. @Hoepzika, ik bewerk al mijn foto's in photoshop cs4. Ik speel dan met verschillende kleur en gradient 'laagjes'. Misschien klinkt dat een beetje als hocus pocus, ik begreep er zelf een paar jaar terug ook niks van maar er staan heel veel tutorials op internet :). Misschien kan ik er ook wel eens een laten zien...