In April...

When I started these monthly reviews last year in august, I was blogging a little more than I am now. Still I really like doing these posts, although you might think 'haven't I just seen this before?' it's really nice to click the monthly review tag and have a summary of what I've been up to. Every month you see little changes in me and my blog. Speaking of change, I've been experiencing the blog design itch again. You might have noticed I switched the posts and side column, but I'm afraid it ain't enough ;). Though I've been keeping quite busy, so I doubt there's going to be a new design soon.

In April a Deer a Day turned 100 days old. Here are some of my April favorites. It does get harder, this project. I've had some days I didn't really feel like it, but I'm trying to continue because I would love to see how it develops and finish it.

I haven't been in my headquarters a lot in April, which is pretty silly because I LOVE being there. So in May, I plan to be there more often :).

I'm so happy with my Praktica, it's such a lovely camera. I recently thrifted an Olympus trip 35, I'm shooting with it now, no idea if it works. I hope to show the results soon in Lomo Saturday.

Dresses, oh dresses... Now that the weather is getting warmer I'm more dresses obsessed than ever :). I feel like doing Dress Up posts again. I might even do one in May ;)!

♡ Nikki

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