Some pretty things that have caught my eye lately:

I'm in love with these dresses from the clothing brand Louche, I can't wait to get my hands on one. My favorite dress is the left one, Dorothy, but they have many other pretty dresses as well.

Layla Amber's woodland collection is so pretty, I can't decide which animal is the cutest (just kidding it's the deer) ;).

As a big Nathalie Lete fan I love all of her work, like these beautiful plates for Anthropologie. If you are curious about her, definitely check out this video of her painting the Anthropologie store windows, I wish she would paint mine...

Another lovely dress! The color as well as the collar couldn't be more perfect :).

And for the finale, I asked artist Anne Siems if I could portray some of her work on my blog, I found it while browsing the web and it was such a pleasant surprise!

I adore her whimsical style.You must take a look at her other work, it's gorgeous I promise!

It's been a little quite on the blog lately, but if you miss me you may always check out my instagram for little bits of my life. Did you know instagram has recently become available for android as well? I think it's splendid, the more the merrier. Look for liefgeval :)!

♡ Nikki


  1. ALLL of those dresses are amazing and Anne's work, amazing beyond all reason! Xo Lori

  2. All of this things are so pretty, feminine, and magical. Good eye.

  3. Wow those paintings are amazing, and I love those plates and that cute pink dress with the collar!

  4. gaaf filmpje van Natalie Lete!
    heb twee van haar bordjes en ze zijn zo mooi :)