The Telephone

Only a couple more days till May. April flew by, with lots of rain but also a lot of sunny moments. Here is some of April captured with my phone.

Deciding on the new living room colors and making collages for inspiration.

Enjoying fresh flowers in bloom.

Cleaning up our little bedroom balcony and planting wild flower seeds.

Our little Moos had a vet visit. He had a tooth infection in his mouth, poor little thing. It smelled awful and the tooth had to be taken out. He was so ill from the drugs after, so sad. I have no idea how the infection got there, but luckily it's gone now and Moos feels better than ever (and he smells a lot more pleasant too ;)).

Happy kitties.

A photo of my parents when they were young. Do you see a resemblance :)?

Second hand heaven.

Let's hope there will be more of these sunny moments in May :)!

♡ Nikki


  1. Wat een superleuke foto´s zeg!

  2. Mmmm ondanks de regen ziet het er bij jou nog wel uit als een fijne maand, heerlijk.


  3. Prachtige foto´s!
    Ik hoop op een even mooie meimaand, maar dan met hogere temperaturen en minder regen!

  4. I like the picture with the bird, it's very pretty.

    And your cats are cute ! I also have two cats (female).

  5. Aww, so many lovely moments you have had :) I do hope May brings much more sunshine xox