Lomo Saturday

Happy to be back with Lomo Saturday, my first subject is little Frutsel. When I photograph Frutsel she acts like a real model, changing pose every second and (sometimes) keeping very still till after I snap my camera. I'm very happy with my new old Praktica, though it isn't in very good condition, the film already got stuck a couple of times. But I love the results :)!

Camera: Praktica MTL3

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♡ Nikki


  1. What a beautiful model your Frutsel is!! The lomo photos you've taken are gorgeous!! I love the one your parents took of you in the bassinet. And the one in what looks like your home in an unfinished room is great too. I love them all!!!! Can you tell??!!?? : )

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ Wendy


  2. Thank you Wendy :D! The home is the house I grew up in before it's renovation :). Hope you (and everybody else) have a wonderful weekend too!

  3. Wauw, ze zijn mooi licht! Helemaal in jouw stijl. xx

  4. Nice pics... en wat een model, zo schattig!