White World

Last Saturday I went on a little sunset stroll through our current white wonderland, though I'm freezing my butt off, there's no denying it's pretty!

 I just wish it came earlier, like during Christmas! I'm kind of longing for spring and want to put my ugly snowboots in a sealed box under the bed and not take 'em out for a loooong while.

I don't think the ducks and geese mind the cold much, you never know what they might feel but they look comfy in their little ice pool.

Luckily they live on a lake surrounded by family houses so food is not an issue...

And now that I have my white wonderland photos, everything may melt (please?) :). What's the weather like where you live?

♡ Nikki


  1. The same :D But then again, I probably don't live that far away from you.

    I was so, so, SO ready for spring. I still am. Oh well. The children love it :D

  2. So beautiful photos! I live in Quebec, Canada so we are familiar with cold and long winters. I remember a few years ago we got about 1.5 meter of snow everywhere and my parent's house was kind of buried to the roof! I like winter so much but around february I can't wait to see the flowers... and little birds singing and... to wear cute and Spring-ish outfits :)

    Have a nice day! :)

  3. love all the white gorgeous wonderland photos.. its been sunny here and no rain... :) I think I see some hope of spring.

  4. such pretty photos! i love the ones of the ducks. The weather here in tennessee keeps fluctuating between the high 70's and low 40's. i wish we could get just one snow!