Thrift as if your life depends on it...

Last Friday wasn't the most practical day to go on a thrift trip, the weather was crazy and it was discouraged to go on the road if you didn't have to. However, once you have the itch, the thrift itch, there's only one thing you can do. Thrift as if your life depends on it!

Though it took us nearly two hours to get to the thrift store, and even longer to get back home (everyone was driving very slow due to slippery snow and traffic jams) it was so worth it! Here are some of my favorite finds.

I'm very happy with my bird species book from the sixties, I love birds just like my grandpa (who owned a lot of birds) and the illustrations are very pretty. The other book I found is an adorable crochet book from the eighties with super cute crocheted collars in it. They seem quite difficult to make but I definitely want to give it a try :)!

Floral china is still pretty much the first thing I look for while thrifting, I just can't get enough of it and keep adding new floral patterns to my collection. I also couldn't leave the cute swan cup behind, it's so kitschy I love it!

Knitting needles! Just looking at this rainbow colored bunch makes me smile. The thrift store had 2 huge boxes filled with knitting needles and I nabbed every last colored one out of them. It felt a little sneaky in a nice way ;).

Yep, I have a feeling a new collection is born...

What can I say. It's Bambi, and Bambi is a deer, and he looked so friendly, and I needed him for a Deer a Day and I could go on making more excuses all day long... The hanky is cute too right :)?

And last but not least, pretty vintage beaded necklaces. Have you found some pretty things lately?

♡ Nikki


  1. beautiful photos! love the knitting needles :)

  2. wow, mooie spulletjes hoor, zeker de moeite waard

  3. The pastel necklaces are beautiful.
    I always hunt for vintage brooches, but they're tricky to find sometimes. I can always find a great scarf though!

  4. Wat een mooie dingen! Vooral op de mooie kopjes ben ik jaloers! ;).

  5. Wow wat een leuk haakboekje! Super schattig! Goeie vondst ;)

    Groetjes Daphne

  6. Love your pictures and the colours you use! One of my favourite blogs :)

  7. I just thifted two of those Bambi :)

    love the knitting needles too!

  8. Daarom heb je ze ook gevonden: omdat niemand anders het die dag deed! Ik moet regelmatig tussen de oude zooi schatgraven, het is een soort koorts. Ik vond recent een paar prachtige Japanse borduurwerken...genoeg om op wolken te lopen voor een week of twee!