The Telephone

Since I still haven't been motivated enough to fill up a film for Lomo Saturday (but I ain't quitting, I'm going to soon!) I thought I'd post some instagram shots today, for I have made many. I love playing around with it and seeing my world through squares :).

I should really take feet photo's more often, it could be a nice collection! Bottom left are the highest shoes I've ever owned and I can't really walk on them. But I can stare at them in awe and practice now and then.

I started unpacking in my headquarters and discovered I have so much stuff! Things I even forgot I had! Last week I bought the cardboard kitty hanger at Babongo after reading about their website on Zilverblauw. Isn't it the absolute best? I also developed a gold obsession, it started with gold nail polish and now I want to buy almost everything that's gold. I remember about 6 years ago I had these lovely golden ballerina's which I walked on until there wasn't much gold left on them. I wish for new ones :). What are you wishing for at the moment?

♡ Nikki

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  1. Lovely photos. I love your pale pink shoes (on the bottom left) and your room is looking amazing! :) xx