In December...

I had the loveliest dress up of all dress ups. I know where my next dress up will be, outside :)!

We made a start on my new headquarters and I showed you some first peeks. More to come this January, in which I hope to finish my space. I finally picked out wallpaper and I'm so exited to see the outcome, but first I have to paint several things like my desk and shelves...

I enjoyed the little things...

We celebrated Christmas with our pretty wood & wool x-mas tree and I'm happy to announce it's totally kitty-proof! Also, I'm not taking it off the wall anymore ;). We had 3 lovely Christmas days, the first one with Joris's family and the second one with my family in my mothers new home. It was so lovely, especially with my dad and little brothers there with us. I'm happy that though my parents are separated, they're still friends. On the 'third' Christmas day we had the traditional leftovers party with friends, and two of them made the special announcement of expecting a baby, a lovely surprise! I regret not taking pictures during these days, but on the other hand, when my camera and I are together I forget about everything else and get completely wrapped up in taking pretty photos, so maybe it was a good thing :).

Other exiting things:
- I decided to do my 365 days project 'a Deer a Day', or more of a 366 days project as it turns out to be :)!

♡ Nikki

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  1. Goeie maand weer!
    Jij ook een super nieuw jaar natuurlijk.
    Ik was van de week in het winkeltje van je vriendin
    in Breda.
    Wat enorm gaaf!
    Dochter werd ook wild, die gaat daar de komende tijd los met haar vriendinnen denk ik!