Clothes Hanger Collection

Today I want to show you my vintage clothes hangers. As many of you might have noticed I love thrifting and all things vintage. It might sound weird but I'm very proud of this collection and hope to collect more of these pretties in the future :)!

Most of them were found during thrift shopping, but some were also gifts or trades. I also bought a couple once at Hipaholic, a cute webshop.

It's hard to pick a favorite, because they're all so cute. The floral ones always cheer me up when I look at them carrying a pretty vintage dress, but the crocheted ones are so cuddly. Oh dear, I think I just admitted finding clothing hangers cuddly.

The children's clothes hangers are often too small to hang my own clothing on, but I always take them with me anyway, they might come in handy somewhere in the future ;).

For this picture I had to remove all the coats and jackets from the coat rack (and we have a lot of those), I made a mess but it was nice to see that pretty wallpaper again :)!

And now it's time to put all the dresses back on their hangers, maybe next time, I could show a little bit of my vintage dress collection? Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have some spare vintage clothes hangers you wouldn't mind getting rid of, we can always make a nice trade out of it ;)!

♡ Nikki

Happy Mail from Deer Little Fawn

I scored myself a cute little present at Deer Little Fawn's clearance sale. 

This little birdy is going to cheer up my outfits this fall :)! I love embroidered jewelry, thanks Beth!

Deer Little Fawn is currently giving away a lovely scarf on her blog, you might want to check it out ;)!

♡ Nikki

Feito Com Amor

Last Saturday I visited the freshly opened and cutest shop 'Feito Com Amor' (Made With Love) from my friend Pâmela. Boy do I wanted to move in there :)!

The products are vintage, handmade and fairtrade, the perfect combo if you ask me! Above a cute tea set by the lovely Lisa Manuels.

Pâmela did an amazing job decorating the shop, every little corner was perfectly filled with gorgeous goodies and inspiration. My camera and I couldn't stop clicking. 

With some of my favorite designers like Ninainvorm, Kim Welling, Club Geluk and many more, this place felt like paradise ;). And do you see that old sewing machine on the shelf? Possibly my dream sewing machine!

I'm so in love with the glass display on the counter, if I ever open up a shop I need to get me one of those! 

The window is painted by Image de Julie, ain't it darling? If you haven't seen enough reasons yet to pay a visit to Feito Com Amor, I have another one; Pâmela is a doll! Congratulations on opening a fantastic shop girl :)!

I succeeded in not emptying the shop, this needed to come with though ;). Check Feito Com Amor's website  for more info and the address!

♡ Nikki

Lomo Saturday

I keep finding this the best part of Diana, double exposures or photo's half sliding over each other. These are my dress and shoes while waiting for the bus.

More waiting for the bus :)

And my little Moosbaby 

Camera: Diana Mini

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♡ Nikki

Through the Viewfinder

Look what came in the mail today :)! For a while I've seen the letters 'TTV' (Through the viewfinder) passing by on Etsy and blogs, with these gorgeous vintage photo's. I was very curious about what TTV meant and found out that these were photo's taken through the viewfinder of an old camera with a regular camera. I know this sounds a little crazy, but the results can be quite amazing!

Camera's used for TTV photography are camera's with a large viewfinder like this Kodak Duaflex from the fifties. There's also the 'Rolleiflex' or the 'Voigtländer' and probably more. I instantly needed one and being too impatient to thrift one I went to Marktplaats (a Dutch sort of Ebay) and found this Duaflex for a really great price.

Apart from it being this gorgeous, cute, tiny and very old camera, it's still usable and that's awesome! Not only for TTV photography, I need to get my hands on 620 film (which isn't made anymore though)...

I already tried taking some pretty photo's through the viewfinder, but it's not as easy as I thought. I probably need to build some sort of contraption like this one to make it more successful :). Here are the results:

I'm so looking forward to experimenting with this cute camera :)!

♡ Nikki