In November...

I crocheted and crocheted! I can't stop crocheting (though I'm currently stuck on a crocheted Christmas tree tutorial I can't figure out, booo!) But it's still such a lovely activity.

On 7-11-11 exactly two years ago our dear Frutsel  came to live with us, to celebrate we had a little photoshoot in the bedroom, where she was all over the place :).

I finally visited the hairdresser to get rid of those long bangs in my face. I still need a little splash of red though...

I introduced a new feature; Weekly Wonderfuls. And we waved goodbye to Etsy Alphabet...

I dressed up in my wonderful new Diversitijd dress and Frou frou's cardigan.

I pondered about the color red. I really liked doing a post about one color with photo's, I might do it again :)!

I bought pom pom's for my new creative space, and scored a beautiful old typewriter!

I posted a big telephone photos update and these feet were most appreciated, maybe I should keep photographing my feet and make it in to a series :)?

Last but not least, I went on a good old Utrecht shopping trip with my friend Lucia. We ate pea soup at KEEK and bought goods at Tiger and our other favorite stores. It was most lovely! Afterwards we jumped in a photo booth and the results are quite fun. I'll show them next week!

♡ Nikki


  1. Hi1 You have so many nice things here!!

  2. what a spectacular month you've had!

  3. Toevallig heb ik dat blikje ook gekocht vorig weekeinde in Utrecht. Hij is zoooo leuk!! :D

  4. YOUR BLOG IS KILLING ME, I CANT GET OVER THE AMOUNT OF CUTENESS ON IT! my oh my is it ever adorable! so many cute pictures and crafts! eeeep! :)