I feel like it was only yesterday 2011 started, and now we're already heading towards 2012. Strange how suddenly time flew by. Though I usually get a wee bit melancholic right before the start of a new year, I hope this time will be different. 2011 was a good year. For the first time in a long time I feel like I actually accomplished things. 

In 2011, my major project was quitting my anxiety medication, it was hard but worth it. I’m so happy to be free of medication even though sometimes I still miss it, just the thought of not needing it anymore gives me confidence. Though I doubted it at the time, I’m happy I wrote about my struggle here, on my blog. Reading it again helps reminding me I should be proud on myself, and reading your comments again is heartwarming, so sweet! 

I’m very thankful I was able to take it easy in 2011, it opened up possibilities for personal development, getting used to the ‘new’ me, taking horse riding lessons again, photography adventures and a lot of blogging, one of my favorite activities throughout the year. It was a year of Lomography, dressing up, collecting and collections, new blog designs, weddings, remembering, bokeh, family, little (thrift)trips, meeting new (wonderful) people and crocheting!

Here are some of my favorite 2011 posts:

Cookie for my deer             Floral china collection
 Joris {about how we met}         baby Bunnies
Thrifted vase and nibbler Frutsel            In to the Forest
     Little home tour              Lomo Saturday Polaroid
Red                         Dress Up #15
I’m ready for 2012, I’m ready for new steps, little or big, impulsive or planned, I welcome them all with my arms wide open! My biggest challenge in 2012 will be keeping everything balanced. I have so many plans, like making Liefgeval a ‘real’ company, working on and in my new creative space, spending more quality time with friends, meeting new people, seeing the world and of course my new project ‘a Deer a Day’ which is a challenge on its own. 

I’m not sure yet how all of this will affect my blog. As I wrote before, blogging has been one of my favorite activities throughout 2011, because I was able to put a lot of time and energy in it. I must admit though that lately I feel more and more pressure to deliver and this sometimes defeats the fun part of blogging, especially if you can’t keep up with your own expectations and perfectionism. I highly doubt I’ll ever stop blogging, but just to prepare you a little, my blogposts might become a bit more unpunctual in 2012, or maybe just in certain periods when my balance is lost ;). 

I didn’t make resolutions, I think things will happen when the timing is right. I just have this odd feeling telling me amazing things will happen in 2012, and that everything will be ok. Thanks everyone for being a part of my blog adventures and I wish you lots of love in 2012. Happy new year! 

♡ Nikki


  1. je bent een bere-sterke vrouw!!!

  2. Wat een MOOI jaaroverzicht! Dat 2012 maar nog geweldiger mag zijn!!

  3. Mooi Nikki! Alle goeds voor jou voor 2012!!

  4. GREAT post! I loved reading it. :)
    And a happy new year to you.

  5. Happy New Year, Nikki!


  6. i think that once you start trying to blog because you HAVE TOO, that is when your blog suffers. if you just don't have time to post, then don;t! i'd rather read a few lovely posts a month than something random every day. your blog is so good! you don't have to do anything different! :)

  7. Thank you Rae, sometimes you just need to hear that :)! ♡

  8. Oj vad mycket fint det fanns här! Hit kommer jag absolut tillbaka! Gott nytt år!