Etsy Alphabet is almost coming to an end and though I very much liked making those treasuries, and certainly won't stop making them in general, I thought it was time for a new feature: 'Wonderful'.
It's similar to Etsy Alphabet, but no longer tied to one word and Etsy. It will be everything I find around the web I love, admire and find inspirational. So I may not forget them, and you may find yourself inspired as well :). How about that? Let's get this party started!

I love this illustrated quote by Lily Moon, I'm thinking about ordering it for my new craftroom/store.

This Iphone cover from La Marelle is so pretty. It's designed by Nathalie Lété, love her work, I'm also crazy about this cat hanger she designed, available on Domestic:

People webs: cute girl, cute blog and a very cute crocheted headband tutorial :)

Janne from Schradinova has such a sweet voice, this video is awesome!

I love this idea by Anki from Zilverblauw, photographing your home through a Christmas bauble. I want to try it too sometime :)!

This was Weekly Wonderfuls so far, I hope you've seen some things you like :). Next order of business; I finally updated the 'About Me' page. I always find it a bit difficult to write about who I am so I mainly let the pictures speak for me ;) have a look if you like!

♡ Nikki


  1. Leuk nieuw item! En die cd van Schradinova is echt fantastisch, word ik zo vrolijk van!

  2. I haven't visited in a while. I love the Etsy ABC's and I'll have to check out all of your finds!! I've been having lots of fun pinning Etsy finds to my Pinterest boards. I like your new idea as well and am always happy to be introduced to new sites!! Have a wonderful rest of your day. :)

    ~ Wendy

  3. Ohhhh die iPhone cover is moooooi! Er zitten weer pareltjes tussen je mooie plaatjes...

  4. that last picture is so cool! i want to try it too!